As a subsidiary of A.R. Wilfley and Sons, Inc., Centennial Pumps has combined state of the art software analysis with Wilfley’s 100 plus years of pump experience to provide a highly innovative ANSI chemical pump. LEARN MORE PREV NEXT Model CA LEARN ABOUT THE MODEL CA NEXT PREV The model CA provides both optimum hydraulics and high efficiencies (PEI certified). Through use of Wilfley’s proprietary WCD4TM, Centennial Pumps also provide long lasting durability.


The Model CA exceeds the U.S. Department of Energy’s Conservation Standards for pumps.


The model CA with optimized hydraulics and affordable pricing can reduce your capital cost.


Our duplex stainless steel WCD4-MCu material is 60% harder and has better corrosion resistance versus 316SS. You can realize a 60%  or even longer wear life.


Why Centennial ANSI Pumps?

For your peace of mind Wilfley & Sons has been manufacturing the finest in pumping technology since 1919. Centennial Pumps is a very focused evolution towards specific industry needs that customers have been asking about for years.
At Centennial Pumps, we realize that prompt delivery of pumps and parts is key to your successful operation and is a BIG part to your overall pump satisfaction, not to mention an important contributor to your bottom line! You can have the “best” pump available on the market today, but if you cannot get it to your plant in a timely fashion, it really does not matter. Centennial Pumps delivers!
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Ultra Durable Metallurgy

Superior metals mean your pump lasts longer and operations keep going strong

Superior ROI and Cost

The Model CA Pump from Centennial Pump is Affordable and Available.



Max Working Temp

450 PSI

Max Working Pressure

345 WBN

Average Hardness

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